Life jacket's reach

Life Jacket has expanded over the time and soon began setting up camps and drives in villages such as Badshahpur, Dhokra, Ghata, Babupur, to educate people about personal hygiene, education, waste management etc.


As the Life Jacket family has gotten bigger day after another, we have only grown to be much more humble in our approach. Over the years, Life Jacket has motivated over 50 people to work towards the cause and spread the smiles of joy.

Our Mission

The ideology behind Life Jacket and the force that motivates us was education. In India, if there is one thing that will drive the country forward it has to be education. Life Jackets aim at educating people and to make sure that we leave no stone unturned, we started from the very bottom.


The small steps were taken to initiate the revolution of change that is Life Jacket; along these lines our focus has been on helping our senior buddies, at local old age homes, by providing the care needed and donations to be made to help their lives sail smoothly.

Latest activities

Education - Life Jacket

Life Jacket shoots for the best possible education for those who are under privileged living in urban slums and rural sectors.

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Health & Hygiene - Life Jacket

Spreading the awareness for proper sanitation being at the top of our priority list.

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Environment - Life Jacket

We talk about plantation and water conservation to spread awareness like wildfire in order to prevent one for real.

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Shelter Homes - Life Jacket

Our next step forward would take us to visit our grey haired buddies, doing the needful for the senior citizens along with providing warmth of clothing and food.

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Disaster Response - Life Jacket

Life Jacket is focused on children and their families, responds to the call of humanity at the time of Earthquakes, Floods etc. under its Disaster Response programme.

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Animal Protector - Life Jacket

A special section is reserved for those who with innocent eyes and wagging tails with no speech to comprehend but love to feel still – stray animals.

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What people Say

  • Life Jacket is getting into a great work, which though not so easy, is being done with great efficiency Wish you all the best of luck!

    Amita Singhal
  • Excellent work by the entire team. Thinking out of the box and coming up with new ideas is what makes you guys so special. Keep up the good work!!

    Rajiv Verma
  • Very proud of this initiative and especially, it deals with children who have been largely ignored. We need to understand that ensuring welfare among children and securing their rights is essential for a holistic development.

    Akansha Rawat